Thank You, Dear Universe: 95,7% fulfilment of your wishes (English Edition)



You and the universe – unbeatable together

It’s absolutely fascinating to find out what is possible all of a sudden. 95,7 % wish fulfilment – that is actually real.

“The author did something wonderful: I see the whole world from a different angle now.”

With playful and funny exercises, Anjana Gill opens our eyes and hearts. Step by step, she introduces us to the unique workings of the universe. She makes it easy to go from wish to manifestation, from dream to fulfilment.

Anjana Gill: We are not doing “make a wish”, but “manifest it yourself” – with the help of the universe.

In this book, the reader learns how to ask the universe: first for smaller things like a present or a surprise. Then, step by step, the complexity of those messages to the universe is increased. The ultimate goal is to have our dearest and most eager wishes fulfilled.

On the way, the author keeps asking for humorous or entertaining things from the universe. This not only makes reading and living easier and more fun, it also raises our awareness for the impressive and often surprising way the universe works.

The universe delivers amazingly swift and fast. Asking the universe is more than fun: It will change our everyday life profoundly. It will make us appreciate the magic of life, will make us feel alive and happy.

A reader writes:
“Every morning when I wake up, there is this tingling excitement: Will the universe deliver my order today? And how will it deliver? I just love the way the universe gives me what I ask for. It’s surprising every time.☺”

Will the universe fulfil your wishes, too? Of course it will. Ask the universe for what you want, and it will deliver.

“Since I started testing the universe, I can only laugh, marvel, and be happy. I keep having my orders delivered: prizes, vacations, flamingos … it’s unbelievable what is possible all of a sudden.”

In the end, there is just one thing to say: We Love The Universe!